Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MumbaiColleges.com - Traffic Update

I would like to thank each one of privileged visitors, visiting my website www.mumbaicolleges.com
It is people like you, who encourages me to provide those extra bit of analytical information required for making the tactful decision in college selection.

Let me provide you some kind of analytical information regarding the visitors of Mumbai Colleges website. Below Image shows the dashboard for period ranging from July 1st to till date.
For first time publisher, this is a good statistics. More importantly, as it serves the purpose why it was built. Also it is surprising to know that most of the traffic is driven from search engines, nearly 80 % of the traffic which in itself is a great achievement. This speaks about the Search Engine Optimization techniques utilized here.

The following slide gives overview of the sources of traffic.

It is astonishing, yet very much true that for the following set of keywords mentioned below and many such keywords MumbaiColleges.com ranks in top 3 sites in the web world.
You can google this keywords and for these keywords you would see website MumbaiColleges.com appears in the first page of search.

Time and again i will provide such statistical information related to keywords and visitors, which will emphasize the number of people who trusts the information provided in the website. Visitors who have been benefited through the comprehensive information's available in the website.

Request each one of you, to make the most use of the information available here and wishing you a progressive career ahead.

MumbaiColleges.com - Mumbai College selection tool

Hello Aspirants,

We are all aware what education is to us. Education to an illiterate, is same as cricket is to sachin, water is to fish, a sim card to a mobile so on and so forth. Education opens the door to wide range of opportunities. So it is of utmost importance for a developing country to emphasize more on the literacy rate of the country more than anything else.

So its my small gesture to help those literate aspirants to find the right college to make a progressive career. The first step to education, is to find the right college that empowers right knowledge and gives the right direction to make the right decision going forward.
Finding right convenient college, calls for lot of analysis to be done. Analysis varies from percentage cutoff of the institute, college ranking, courses offered by the college, college faculties, college ambiance, convenience, college placements and lot many things. At www.mumbaicolleges.com i intend to make this analysis more simpler. We have all these analytical information at one place, so that you have what you need to take the right decision in college selection.

Collecting these information's, segmenting it rightfully, such that it makes sense to the visitor took lot of pain from our end. So my ultimate aim is to reach to maximum aspirants, who can make the optimum use of this comprehensive resource which is in store for you. Feel free to refer this website to your colleagues, relatives, friends, neighbors, Online friends etc.

Also request you to post your comments here, suggesting ways in which we can improve the website, so that it makes more meaningful to you. Based on your inputs and feedback, we intend to add value to the site.

Website Link - www.mumbaicolleges.com

Warm Regards,

Raviraj Raikar